The only girl problem I have is theres too many idk which one is worth my time, I take them to a date then like forget about them after ahahah jk

Why do all these pretty hunnies just loves to distract me by standing in front of me while I’m doing my sets especially heavy sets. Ahahahah I want my reps up not my penis up hahahah omg smh

Only if I have a girlfriend she’d be going with me and enjoying this *sigh* I have 5 lol jk

I think I’m going to Dubia!!!!! My uncle that works at the Emirates at Dubia is hooking me up with a sick deal. I’m Also thinking of bringing a couple of friends too. But if I go I wouldn’t prolly get the car I want! But w.e. this is prolly the only chance me and my friends get to travel before we go ham ahahah

Ma boy just got married at 24… Were just here like wtf lol. He can’t get any access on new pairs of shoes now, he gotta pay some bills lmao

It’s when I’m standing six feet away from you and not being able to find the words to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you that I want to just scream to the whole room that I’m still in love with you. It’s when I’m sitting alone with the phone in my hand dialing your number and hanging up that I would trade a thousand tomorrows for just one yesterday. Then I could just call you to tell you goodnight. It’s when I am really sad about something and need someone to talk to that I realize you’re the only one who really knew me at all. It hits me how much I would give to hold you at that very moment. It’s when I think about you that I realize no one else in the world is meant for me.


who fucking wrote this , this story of my life

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